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Board of Directors Meeting

August 12, 2004



Members Present:     Marc A. Monteleone, Chairman
                                Ronald Spradling
                                Roy Smith
                                Mary Jo Thompson (via telephone conference)
                                Secretary Poffenbarger, by designee Donna Lipscomb
                                Department of Administration: Donna Lipscomb, Executive Coordinator

Others Present:         Lloyd Miller, N Visions Architects
                                Rick Atkinson, Central WV Regional Airport Authority
                                Members Absent: Tom Winter
                                H. Wood Thrasher
                                Glendon Sprouse
                                Rodney Clay




The meeting was called to order by Chairman Monteleone. It was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of Minutes:

Roy Smith moved for approval of the minutes of the July 23, 2004, meeting. Motion seconded by Mary Jo Thompson. There was no discussion regarding the minutes and they were approved by a unanimous vote. The board was advised that there was not a quorum for the January 23, 2004, meeting, therefore, no minutes were prepared.  

Old Business:

Chairman Monteleone bypassed the old business due to a time restraint of the meeting today. He indicated he would come back to those issues if time permitted.


New Business:


Mr. Lloyd Miller, with Nvisions Architects, and Mr. Rick Atkinson, with the Central West Virginia Regional Airport Authority, gave a presentation regarding a new parking facility at Yeager Airport. Mr. Miller is the criteria developer on the project. He stated that after meetings they decided to try to seek approval for a design-build project. Mr. Miller believes this project meets the points required in order to proceed by the design-build method.

The first point is the accelerated project construction time line. At the airport there are certain seasons where ridership is quite large and you want to be able to move those people through the airport very quickly. Generally that is during the summer months of July, August and September. With the advent of including Independence Air into their providers of air service, their ridership is up significantly. At times they are at full capacity in their parking facility. They need to correct this problem by doubling the size of their parking facility.

The plans are to take the same design for the existing facility and duplicate it right next to it. The issue is to get it done by June of 2005. They need the design build method to compress some of the design and construction sequences so they can get it delivered by the June 2005 deadline.

The second item is the close coordination of design and construction expertise. In order to do that kind of construction that quickly you need to have the designers and contractors on board up front to work with the authorities to minimize the destructive impact of the construction project. The designers and contractors will be working closely with the owner on how they can schedule and execute the construction of the project in the best way that does not interrupt their traffic flow and ridership.

The third point is early cost containment. They must move quickly and bonds are being used to finance the project. The design build method will allow them to identify the costs early on and get the bonds sold so that when the project is ready to start construction they are in place and ready to go.

Mr. Miller believes that this project is suitable for the design build method and requests that they consider that and give them approval for their application.

Chairman Monteleone indicated to Ms. Thompson that the presentation included some very nice pictures which she could not see. The photographs show the garage in it’s current state and then did a montage basically duplicating the garage next to it to demonstrate the garage with the expansion.

Chairman Monteleone questioned whether the bonding was in place. Mr. Atkinson stated that Arnett & Foster is reviewing their proforma on this in order to go to the market. They have had formal discussions but they have some existing debt on the current structure. With the bond holders, Huntington Bank, United National and BB&T, all three of them say that with the cash flow they can refinance the existing debt. They intend to finance over 20 years and the cash flow will pay the costs. The parking facility generates about 1.5 million in revenue annually. It cost them 300,000 to operate the facility. That leaves 1.2 million available in profit. Jackson & Kelly will be their bond attorney on it and they have advised there will be no legal impediments.

Chairman Monteleone asked if they were to begin construction in December. Mr. Miller indicated that the date they want to start is December 1st. Hopefully they will have the RFP available October 1st and it will give them until November 1st to review and award them so they can start construction by the December 1st date.

Chairman Monteleone stated that there was some legislation last year that did not pass. The board is trying to clean up some procedural type things that they have noticed as a board for the past few years. One of them is the requirement for being approved as a design build is you must show that the time line is faster. They have approved projects that are suppose to start on a certain date and then they do not start construction until a year later. The board does not give those type of approvals anymore. The Board will give approval for projects to begin by a certain time and if they do not start construction by the required date then they would need to come back to the board for a new approval. Chairman Monteleone wants them to be aware of this procedure so that they can make sure they would be started by a reasonable date they can meet.

Mr. Atkinson stated that they started this process in July of 2001 as a traditional bid deal. They went through the selection process and Nvisions was selected. They had a meeting to negotiate price. They were going to get back together on September 12th but decided at that time to put all their projects on hold. This year they started increasing their planes and they are now back to their pre-911 capacity. Then Independence Air announced they were coming in. Even prior to their announcement they had to start utilizing the top floor of their building. When they start construction they loose 170 to 180 parking spaces. They realize that if they do not start on this they will not be ready for next summer and will be constrained as to how many passengers they can allow. You can only service as many people as you can park. Due to this time factor they went back to Nvisions and asked if they would be interested in being a design criteria developer for design-build. Nvisions agreed. They picked up their negotiations again and the design build decision was driven by the fact that they had to start construction after Thanksgiving and have it completed by summer.

Mr. Monteleon asked how long it would take to complete their project if they went the design bid build method. Mr. Miller indicated that you would have three months in just the design process and a month in the bidding process. They are hoping to even condense this schedule a little bit if they can but weather may be a factor and getting pre-cast from the plant may hold them a little. Mr. Atkinson stated that they have the geotech done already and there is significant depth to get footers down so it is critical they get it done in December before it starts freezing.

Mr. Smith asked what part Mr. Miller will play in this process as they have already designed the structure. Mr. Miller indicated that they designed the original building and they need to adapt that to the new site. There are a number of issues of separation of buildings and fire safety concerns. Also, they are going to add a pedestrian walkway connecting the two garages. They also need to look at the access control and how the vehicles are going to be able to circulate through these two buildings. Can they use the existing entrances and exits or are they going to need any roadway alignments. Traffic flow is going to be a big issue. These have to be resolved before they can release the bid. What Nvisions will be providing them on the project is the RFP. He will be the criteria developer and not part of the design build team. Mr. Smith inquired about Mr. Miller’s role. Mr. Miller stated he would provide the information to the proposers. Mr. Smith asked if he planned to have contractors as well as other architectural type people who would be interested in being the design build team. Mr. Miller stated that this is correct they would not cut out the architect. Mr. Miller stated that he would not give them any structural detail or mechanical engineering details. He will give them performance requirements. The architects and designers on the design build team will be responsible for that. He will give them the parameters and they will do all the technical and design work to fit those parameters.

Mr. Smith asked if they were familiar with the rules and regulations that must be followed for a design build project. Mr. Miller stated that he is familiar with them. Mr. Smith asked if it was his intent to follow those rules and regulations. Mr. Miller stated yes it was his intent to follow them. He further stated he was one of the people who helped write the rules. Mr. Smith stated that this board asks everyone that question.

Mr. Smith made a motion to approve the Yeager proposal as it meets the criteria of the Act. Mr. Spradling seconded the motion. All voted in favor of the motion and it passed. Chairman Monteleone stated that as part of that approval they need to send Donna Lipscomb something that explains the process they used to select their people on the design build team. The Board wants to understand the process and make sure they follow the regulations. This can be simple they just want something in the files. Second, Chairman Monteleone wants to request a second motion in terms of the time line and if they do not start this project by spring they must come back for approval again. He stated that they could give them input as to what they believe is a reasonable time frame. Mr. Atkinson stated that a start time of February 1st is reasonable.

Mr. Smith made a motion that if this project was not started by February 1, 2005, then they must come back to the board for approval again. The motion was seconded by Ron Spradling. All voted in favor and the motion passed.

Mr. Miller stated that he has been sending Donna Lipscomb updates on his projects and he stated he would continue to do that. Ms. Lipscomb stated that she does receive his updates.

Other Business:

Chairman Monteleone stated that as far as the Legislation from last year, that information was provided in the packets by Donna Lipscomb and they can just review that. Ms. Lipscomb also provided an update on all current projects and they can review that information as well.

Mr. Smith stated that he would like all the board members to take a stab at preparing a Resolution regarding the issues of concern to review at the next meeting. Chairman Monteleone stated that he would like everyone do that and e-mail it to Donna. Donna stated that her e-mail has changed and it is now Chairman Monteleone stated that he is looking for basic language that they can incase in every project approval they grant. He wants to make sure they get a form they are comfortable with that will cover the points they need.

Chairman Monteleone stated that he believes that there are some other projects that will be coming before the board based upon conversations with Donna Lipscomb. Ms. Lipscomb stated that she has talked with the Kanawha County Manager regarding the Commission’s interest in a design build project for the AEP building next door to their building, the Jefferson County Commission has expressed an interest in design build for a recreational center, and the Worker’s Compensation building will probably come before the board as well, but it will probably be after the new administration.

There was no other business to come before the board and the meeting was adjourned.