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Board of Directors’ Meeting

January 5, 2012

Members Present: Marc Monteleone, Chairman
                                Roy Smith
                                Mary Jo Klempa
                                Ron Spradling

Department of Administration:
Donna Lipscomb

Others Present: Micheal Evans, Department of Administration
                            Lloyd Miller, Lloyd W. Miller Architect PLLC
                            Ronald May, Marshall University
                            Jim Terry, Marshall University

Members Absent:      Rodney Clay
                                    Woody Thrasher



The meeting was called to order and a silent roll call was taken and it was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of Minutes:

Roy Smith moved for approval of the minutes of the December 15, 2011, meeting. Motion seconded by Ron Spradling. All voted in favor and the minutes were approved. 

New Business:

Presentation by Marshall University

Lloyd Miller introduced Ronald May and Jim Terry with Marshall University. Mr. Miller advised the board that the cost proposals on the Marshall University project were opened on December 19, 2011. There were five cost proposals. The scoring of the qualitative proposals and cost proposals are included in the meeting packets. The total scores were: BBL Carlton 186.158; Carl Walker Construction 200.000; Donely’s 165.290; Mascaro 169.648 and Neighborgall 165.364. The apparent winner of this process is Carl Walker Construction. Mr. Miller stated that Marshall University requests approval of the board to proceed with negotiation and entering into a contract with Carl Walker Construction.

Chairman Monteleone inquired if any members had any questions after reviewing the score sheet. Mr. Smith pointed out that it was interesting that the same design-builder won the technical and cost portions. Mr. Smith moved for approval. The motion was seconded by Mr. Spradling. All voted in favor and the motion passed.

Old Business:


Chairman Monteleone questioned Ms. Lipscomb regarding the status of the protest. Ms. Lipscomb advised that it was out of her hands as the attorneys in her office have taken the lead. She is unaware of the status since that time. Ms. Lipscomb indicated that she thought that a meeting was to be set up. Chairman Monteleone stated that no meeting was set up and requested Ms. Lipscomb to bring this to their attention.



Other Business:

Mr. May questioned the next steps. Mr. May stated that there has been some holdup with Ms. Warfield in the Attorney General’s office. Mr. Miller advised that he has been trying for two years to get some supplemental conditions finalized. Mr. Miller stated that he has been e-mailing Ms. Warfield for two years with no luck. He stated that all the standard short form contracts have been approved, just not the owner design-builder contract. A lot of the big issues were worked out and he does not know what the little issues are currently. He hopes that they won’t hold up this project.

Mr. Smith indicated that he reviewed the photographs of the McDowell County Board of Education project and stated that the facilities look very nice. Ms. Lipscomb agreed and stated that they matched the existing buildings and blended in well.

There being no other business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned.