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Board of Directors Meeting
January 23, 2004

Members Present:     Marc A. Monteleone, Chairman
                                    Tom Winter
                                    Ronald Spradling
                                    Glendon Sprouse
                                    Tom Susman

Department of Administration: Donna Lipscomb, Executive Coordinator
                                                    Frank Drobot, Architect
David Tincher, Director of Purchasing
Others Present:      Keith McClanahan, BBL Carlton
                                Nancy Tonkin, AIA of West Virginia
                                Lloyd Miller, N Visions Architects
                                Mike Clowser, Contractor’s Association of WV
                                David Pray, Pray Construction
Gary Young, Contractor’s Association of WV
                                Donald Gombert, AIA of West Virginia
                                Greg Williamson, WV Board of Architects/ WSG Architects
                                Patti Hamilton, WV Association of Counties
Members Absent: H. Wood Thrasher
                                Mary Jo Thompson
                                Rodney Clay
                                Roy Smith

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Monteleone. It was determined that a quorum was not present. It was decided that the meeting would continue but there would be no formal action taken and it would be informational in nature.

Approval of Minutes:

The minutes were not approved due to the lack of a quorum.

Old Business:

No old business discussed.

New Business:

Other Business:

There was no other business to come before the board and the meeting was adjourned