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Board of Directors’ Meeting
June 16, 2011

Members Present:     Marc Monteleone, Chairman
                                    Roy Smith
                                    Mary Jo Klempa
                                    Woody Thrasher

Department of
           Donna Lipscomb

Others Present:         Craig Baker, Thrasher Engineering
                                    Chad Riley, Thrasher Engineering
                                    Will Chapman, McDowell County Board of Education 
                                    Layton Cottrill, Marshall University
                                    Ronald May, Marshall University
                                    Karen Kirtley, Marshall University
                                    Jim Terry, Marshall University

Members Absent:
     Ron Spradling
                                   Rodney Clay



The meeting was called to order and a silent roll call was taken and it was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of Minutes:

Roy Smith moved for the approval of minutes of the March 17, 2011, meeting. Motion seconded by Mary Jo Klempa. All voted in favor and the motion passed and the minutes were approved.

Woody Thrasher made a statement to the board on the record regarding his firm being the criteria developer on the McDowell County project before the board today. Mr. Thrasher indicated that his firm did not originally respond to the criteria developer advertisement because he is on the board. However, they responded to an architectural RFP that turned into a criteria developer role and his firm was on board doing it before he knew about it. Mr. Thrasher advised the board that this is a one time shot and they will not take on this role in the future. If the firm does decide to take on a criteria developer role in the future he will resign from the board.

Chairman Monteleone stated that he talked with Mr. Thrasher prior to the meeting and asked him to attend in order to establish a quorum and because there were other projects on the agenda that needed approval.

New Business:

Presentation by McDowell County Schools

Craig Baker briefly explained to the board how they got where they are today. He indicated that they prepared an initial invitation for qualifications. They very actively solicited the project to get as many teams as possible. They ended up with three teams that submitted their qualifications. All three teams were qualified to proceed with the invitation for proposals. They held a pre-proposal meeting at the site on May 2nd. All teams had representatives there as well as representatives of the Board of Education to respond to any questions or technical issues. All teams were asked to submit their qualitative proposals. About one week before the proposals were due one of the teams notified Mr. Baker that they would not be submitting due to a few reasons, including the extremely tight budget and time line on the project.

They proceeded with the two remaining teams. Chairman Monteleone reminded the board members that they came to the board and sought approval to proceed with only two teams and this was approved. Mr. Baker told the board members that they appreciated being allowed to proceed due to the tight time frame they were working under. Mr. Baker identified the members of the evaluation committee and advised that Ms. Lipscomb was present on behalf of the Design-Build Board when the proposals were evaluated. Each member of the technical review committee scored everything separately and ultimately they came up with an average of all scores. The highest score was given 100 points and the other team received a score of 80 points.

Ms. Lipscomb advised the board members that the score sheet is included in the packet for their review. The cost proposals have also been received and have continued to remain sealed until the evaluation committee gets back together to open them in Ms. Lipscomb’s presence. Ms. Lipscomb advised the board that all rules were followed and the proposals were scored appropriately and professionally.

Mr. Smith moved for approval of the evaluation committee’s process and for the project to proceed. Ms. Klempa seconded and the motion passed. Mr. Thrasher abstained from voting. Chairman Monteleone questioned when the cost proposals would be opened. Ms. Lipscomb advised they would be opened next Tuesday with the Design-Build Board meeting again on Thursday do approve that process.

Presentation by Marshall University

Karen Kirtley, with Marshall University, gave a presentation to the board. She indicated that the university wants to build a parking garage using the design-build process. Mr. Smith indicated that Marshall University constructed a parking garage using this process in the past and it was the first project that the board never had any problems or issues with. He has also been told by people that the parking garage that Marshall built was so much nicer than the one down the street that was built for the mall. Ms. Lipscomb pointed out to the representatives of Marshall University that the statute has changed since they did their first project and the board now has oversight throughout the duration of the project and not just the initial approval to proceed as a design-build project.

The board members reviewed the application of Marshall University. Mr. Thrasher stated that the application reveals that the project meets all the criteria for a design-build project. He also stated that they need to familiarize themselves with the new procedures for design-build. Ms. Lipscomb advised that she has given representatives of Marshall University the link for the web site which contains all laws, rules and forms. Representatives stated that they are familiar with the laws and requirements.

There were no questions regarding the project by the board members. Mr. Smith moved to approve the project. Motion was seconded by Mr. Thrasher. All voted in favor and the motion passed.

Old Business:

There was no old business to come before the board.


Other Business:

There being no other business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.