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Board of Directors’ Meeting
June 23, 2011

Members Present:     Marc Monteleone, Chairman
                                    Roy Smith
                                    Rod Clay
                                    Woody Thrasher

Department of
          Donna Lipscomb

Others Present:         Craig Baker, Thrasher Engineering
                                    Will Chapman, McDowell County Board of Education

Members Absent:     Ron Spradling
                                   Mary Jo Klempa



The meeting was called to order and a silent roll call was taken and it was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of Minutes:

Roy Smith moved for the approval of minutes of the June 16, 2011, meeting. Motion seconded by Chairman Monteleone. All voted in favor and the motion passed and the minutes were approved.


New Business:

Presentation by McDowell County Schools

Craig Baker briefly explained to the board the process utilized to determine the cost scores for the McDowell County project. He indicated that they opened up the sealed cost proposals on June 21st at the McDowell County Board of Education. They were scored on the contract sum for the cost of the whole project. Swope Construction was the lowest with a cost of $1.8 million dollars. Lombardi Development’s cost was $1.81 million dollars. Swope was given 100 points since they were low bid, and Lombardi was given 99 points. When the scores of the qualitative evaluation was added to the cost scores, it gave Lombardi Development 199 points and Swope Construction 180 points.

The costs did come in higher than the available budget that was posted. The Board of Education is trying to locate additional funding in order to do the entire project. If additional funding is not available, they will more than likely only do the field house and weight room. The McDowell County Board of Education would like approval to move forward with the project and begin negotiations and enter into a contract with Lombardi Development.

Mr. Smith questioned what the original budget was for the project. Mr. Baker stated that it was around $850,000. This is substantially over that but they have been able to come up with an additional $350,000 over the past few months. They are also working on getting even more funding at this time. Chairman Monteleone questioned how much money they currently have for the project. Mr. Baker advised they had $1.1 million dollars. Chairman Monteleone asked what they planned to do if they do not come up with additional money. Chairman Monteleone pointed out that funding is part of what this board requires. Mr. Baker indicated that they would like to negotiate with Lombardi to try to get them to reduce the costs. Chairman Monteleone advised that sometimes you can do value engineering to reduce costs. Mr. Baker advised the board that they knew going in that their budget was pretty tight. The criteria developer has looked at some things that can be value engineered out of the project. There are things that the Board of Education can live without to get this project to a more manageable number. They are also hoping that the contractor has a 10% contingency fund which would help with negotiations. Chairman Monteleone stated that good contractors will have money built in for profit. Mr. Baker is hoping that is the case here.

Mr. Smith moved to approve the project. Motion seconded by Mr. Clay. Mr. Thrasher abstained from voting. The remaining members voted in favor and the motion passed.


Old Business:

There was no old business to come before the board.


Other Business:

Ms. Lipscomb advised the board that the other item on the agenda will be laid over until the next meeting. She explained that Lloyd Miller is involved in that project as well as the Grant County project. The Grant County project will be coming before the board in early July. They are opening the technical proposals next week and Micheal Evans from the General Services Division of the Department of Administration will be present on behalf of the board at that time. Ms. Lipscomb stated that the next meeting of the board would need to be the week of July 4th. She will contact members to see when she can get a quorum.

There being no other business to come before the Board, the meeting was adjourned.