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Board of Directors’ Meeting
March 1, 2012

Members Present:    Roy Smith
                                   Mary Jo Klempa
                                   Woody Thrasher
                                   Rodney Clay

Department of
         Donna Lipscomb

Others Present:        Micheal Evans, Department of Administration
                                   Lloyd Miller, Lloyd W. Miller Architect PLLC
                                   Jamie Adkins, Procurement Manager for DEP
                                   Greg Adolfson, Sustainability Officer for DEP

Members Absent:
    Marc Monteleone
                                   Ron Spradling




The meeting was called to order and a silent roll call was taken and it was determined that a quorum was present.  

Approval of Minutes:

Woody Thrasher moved for approval of the minutes of the January 5, 2012, meeting. Motion seconded by Mary Jo Klempa. All voted in favor and the minutes were approved.

New Business:

Presentation by the Department of Environmental Protection

Jamie Adkins, Procurement Manager, and Greg Adolfson, Sustainability Officer, with the Department of Environmental Protection gave a presentation for a PPV and Solar Water Project. They indicated that both would be placed on the roof of their building located in Kanawha City. Because of the unique aspect of solar rays, the project will be done by the roof contractors who has the warranty. Mr. Adkins advised that they planned to have the design system on the roof done by the roof manufacturer and the General Services Division would install. However, legal counsel for the Purchasing Division wouldn’t let them.

A power point presentation was distributed to the members. Mr. Adkins advised that they started talking about this in August of 2010 and determined solar would generate electricity and hot water to the building. The Recovery Act is funding the project for energy conservation. They did estimates of cost. Jeff Herholt is granting the recovery funding for the Department of Environmental Protection.

Mr. Adkins indicated that the roof warranty is with Firestone. They did two expressions of interest on two projects, which have now been combined into this project. The Recovery Act requires they create or maintain jobs. The Department of Environmental Protection believes they will create 3.1 jobs as required.

The design of the roof was reviewed and discussed with the Board. The diagram illustrates how the solar panels will attach and the load capacity. Also, the Recovery Act requires they be made in American. Sun Model is the only one available to meet the load capacity issues they must deal with. Solar panels must meet certain weight due to winds.

Mr. Adkins stated that they are not going to take 29 years to pay it back. They do plan to sell some solar credits to help with return on investment.

The next portion of the project is for hot water. Mr. Adkins indicated that this will follow the same path and travel through the same conduit system. They are proposing two water heaters.

Mr. Adkins directed the members to page sixteen on the power point. He believes that the decision making process of why to do this project. Their main goal is to reduce the amount of electricity coming from the grid and reduce utility bills. He also pointed out that this compliments the Governor’s renewable energy initiative.

The roof warranty is a 20 year warranty until 2014 and then the new roof must come off. Mr. Adkins advised that with the warranty the Department of Environmental Protection can not work on the roof, it must be done by Firestone. This is part of a technical bulletin with their requirements. The warranty will be suspended while the work is being done.

Mr. Smith discussed concerns that a lot of what is done was done before the Design-Build process. Mr. Smith stated that this is not appropriate for a Design-Build Project because the engineering and design is already done and they just want someone with a crane to set it on top of the building. Mr. Thrasher agreed and stated that they should have come to the Board early and followed the steps appropriately. Mr. Thrasher does not think at this point in the project the Board should be involved. Mr. Smith stated that this is beyond what the Board should consider since the project is already pretty much done.

Mr. Adkins explained to the Board that they went through the entire EOI process and the Purchasing Division rejected it at their end. Purchasing Division originally told them they needed to do the project through the Design-Build process. Mr. Thrasher stated that if the Purchasing Division told them early they could have done the process correctly but you can’t back up and redo it now.

Mr. Smith sees two issues with their process. One, there was too much credit given to Tri-State Roofing and considering them as a sole source. Two, they were looking at designer as a sole source. Mr. Adkins stated that they did got through the EOI for the designer, it just happened that the same vendor got both. He further stated that they were never considering going through the Design-Build Board until the Purchasing Division told them they had to after the EOI process was complete.

Mr. Thrasher moved to not approve the project. Ms. Klempa seconded the motion. All voted in favor and the projected was rejected. Mr. Clay abstained from the vote.


Old Business:


Lloyd Miller stated that his observation is that the Morgantown project is very similar and they put all the problems under a Design-Build team.



Other Business:

There being no other business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned.