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Board of Directors’ Meeting
May 22, 2013

Members Present: Marc Monteleone, Chairman
                                Roy Smith 
                                John Goetz 
                                Donald Gombert
                                Woody Thrasher
                                Mary Jo Klempa
                                Ron Spradling

Department of
      Donna Lipscomb

Others Present:
     Bill Linn, West Virginia University

Members Absent: Rod Clay



The meeting was called to order and a silent roll call was taken and it was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of Minutes:

Mr. Smith moved for approval of the March 7, 2013 minutes. Motion seconded by Mary Jo Klempa. Ron Spradling requested the minutes be amended to reflect that he was not in attendance at the meeting. All voted in favor of the amended minutes and they were approved.

New Business:

Presentation by West Virginia University

Bill Linn, Facilities Manager for West Virginia University, gave a presentation on their plan to construct a baseball stadium. The stadium will be built in the Grandville area in Morgantown. It will be used by West Virginia University and a minor league team. The location is the same as when this was presented to the design-build board originally. Mr. Linn stated that they need to construct the stadium through the design-build method in order to get started sooner.

Mr. Linn advised that they need close coordination due to electronic boards, seating that changes constantly and the need for everyone to work together. He also stated that they need to lock in a price early on, as athletic facilities are notorious for costs constantly going up. Mr. Linn is hopeful that the design-build method will cut down on scope changes.

Mr. Linn advised the board that the funding plan is now in place since the TIFF bill passed the legislature. He provided the board members with a letter from Oliver Luck, the WVU Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, and Eldon Callen, President of the Monongalia County Commission, which sets forth the agreement. Mr. Smith questioned what the plan is and if they intend to issue bonds up to $45 million from the total TIFF? Mr. Linn advised that the baseball stadium will come from the sales tax portion of the TIFF and the road interchange will come from the property tax portion of the TIFF. Chairman Monteleone questioned how much will go toward the baseball stadium. Mr. Linn stated that $16.25 million will go towards the stadium.

Mr. Thrasher questioned whether they were familiar with the process of getting a criteria developer and how the Design-Build Procurement Act works. Mr. Linn advised that they are familiar with the Act and will follow all the steps. Chairman Monteleone advised that they need to keep a close eye on their calendar and if any delays to let Ms. Lipscomb know as the board would revoke the approval. If approval is revoked it would be a mess due to the bonds. Mr. Thrasher stated that they need to make sure the schedule they submitted is something they can meet. He suggested they may want to take a close look to make sure they are ok with the current schedule. Mr. Linn advised that when they put their schedule together they put in realistic goals that they feel they can meet.

Mr. Goetz questioned what happens if the criteria developer falls behind. Mr. Thrasher stated that the criteria developer will live by the schedule established by WVU. Mr. Linn advised that when they contract with an architect they know the schedule and it is made a part of the contract with them. Ms. Klempa stated that the board has the flexibility to allow them to amend the schedule with good reasons.

Mr. Thrasher stated that this project is more complicated than what the board typically sees so everyone will want to stay on top of it. Mr. Smith questioned whether WVU is willing to front the money until the bond revenue is secured. Mr. Linn stated that they are prepared to start the project now and believe the bond funds will be available in November. The capital outlay that WVU will have to pay is minimal for the cost of the criteria developer. Mr. Thrasher questioned what would happen if the bonds were not available in November. Mr. Linn stated that it would be a problem as the university would have to come up with the funds.

Mr. Gombert questioned whether WVU has done any research on how a stadium is built? Mr. Linn advised that they have done extensive research to determine how much funding they will need. They know the dollar amount they would need and then backed into that cost and determined what they could build for that amount.

Chairman Monteleone stated that on their time line it says the construction start date is in December. He questioned if that is when they are going to start moving dirt. Mr. Linn indicated that it was when they are starting to get the foundation ready. Mr. Thrasher stated that an integral part pf design-build is being able to move forward while you are still designing. Mr. Thrasher questioned whether they were comfortable with their schedule. Mr. Linn advised that he was very comfortable with the schedule.

Mr. Smith stated that the board’s concern previously was all about the funding and he feels they have a good handle on the funding. However, Mr. Smith stated that he was concerned the bonds won’t done on time. He questioned whether the university would be willing to put the money up if it is needed. Mr. Linn feels sure the university would front the money if needed.

Mr. Smith moved to approve the application of West Virginia University to construct a baseball stadium through the design-build process. Motion seconded by Mr. Thrasher. All voted in favor and the motion passed.


Old Business:


Ms. Lipscomb advised that she received a phone call from Pendleton County schools and their Board of Education approved a site change at their meeting last night for the school that was approved by this board. They indicated that they found a more desirable site for the school to be located. Initially the owner of that property would not negotiate with the school board but once the other site was located they agreed to accept the same amount for their property that the school board was going to pay for the initial site. Ms. Lipscomb questioned them as to whether the purchase of the new site would delay their time line that was approved by the board. Pendleton County Schools advised that the change in site would not alter the costs or the time line for the school. There was a discussion and it was decided that Pendleton County Schools would not need to come back to this board since the change in site did not impact what was approved.


Other Business:

There being no other business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned.