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Board of Directors’ Meeting
November 15, 2012

Members Present:     Marc Monteleone, Chairman
                                    Roy Smith 
                                    Rodney Clay
                                    Ron Spradling
                                    John Goetz

Department of
          Donna Lipscomb

Others Present:         Lloyd Miller, Lloyd W. Miller Architect PLLC
                                    Scott Raines, School Building Authority
                                    Joyce VanGilder, School Building Authority
                                    Susan Collins, Harrison County Schools
                                    Wendy Imperial, Harrison County Schools 
                                    Bill Linn, WVU Facilities Management
                                    John Thompson, WVU Facilities Management

Members Absent:     Mary Jo Klempa
                                    Woody Thrasher
                                    Donald Gombert



The meeting was called to order and a silent roll call was taken and it was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of Minutes:

Rod Clay moved for approval of the minutes of the October 11, 2012, meeting. Motion seconded by Roy Smith. All voted in favor and the minutes were approved.


New Business:

Presentation by Harrison County Schools

Susan Collins, Superintendent of Harrison County Schools, gave a presentation regarding their application to build a middle school through the Design-Build process. Ms. Collins advised that she is planning to submit a needs project to the School Building Authority for construction of a middle school. The School Building Authority is looking for a pilot project to build a school through the Design-Build method. She stated that this is an excellent opportunity to work with the School Building Authority and the Design-Build Board to build schools faster and cut out the red tape and take the politics out of the process.

Ms. Collins provided a copy of the needs request she plans to submit to the School Building Authority for review by the Board. She indicated that she is hopeful to get approval from this Board so when she appears before the School Building Authority she can show that her project meets the criteria for a design-build project.

Harrison County Schools is partnering with the School Building Authority as they need financial assistance. The School Building Authority will be holding their hand through this process to assure everything is done correctly. Ms. Collins stated that although they do not currently have the funding in place, they do have a funding plan. The School Building Authority wants to do a pilot project with the Design-Build Board to see if it will speed construction and reduce costs.

Ms. Collins indicated that the current school the students are in is eighty-three years old and needs replaced as soon as possible. They need a new building that is safer for the children with be ability to get wireless and updated equipment. If they get approval today, they would like to proceed with getting a criteria developer on board so they are able to get started as soon as the money is in hand.

Scott Raines, with the School Building Authority, advised that their board has been wanting to try design-build so they can get their schools build earlier and get students in the school before the beginning of the year. The School Building Authority will determine which schools get funding in March or April. They are currently getting needs requests for funding from everyone and will review them all and decide who has the most needs. Mr. Raines feels pretty certain that Harrison County will get funding because the school needs replaced badly and since they have stepped up to the plate to be the design-build pilot project.

Ms. Collins advised that they already have the property and plan to put the middle school by an existing building. Chairman Monteleone questioned when they planned to move the kids in, as their time line shows it in the fall. Mr. Raines indicated that they don’t believe it would be an issue because it is easier to move kids from one existing school into another one instead of moving four different schools into a new location.

Ms. Collins believes the design-build process will allow designers to come up with unique plans. She provided photos of the property and its location. She stated that the school entrance and parking area is down below where they will be working so it will not disrupt traffic.


Mr. Smith questioned whether the School Building Authority was going to require matching funding. Mr. Raines advised that they can not require them to provide funding but they encourage them to do so, as it frees up School Building Authority funds for other projects. Ms. Collins advised that they have been successful at passing a bond. They received $1.5 million through a levy for construction and they already had $1 million held back. She stated that they will need $5 million to build. Ms. Collins stated that they also plan to reduce personnel costs to come up with additional funding.

They will need $13 million so they are asking the School Building Authority for $8 million. Chairman Monteleone questioned how they came up with that figure. Mr. Raines stated that the figure is based upon the square footage of the building.

Mr. Smith questioned in the worse case scenario if the Board approves the project today and they proceed to get a criteria developer on board using their resources what will they do if the School Building Authority does not give them funding. Mr. Raines advised that they wouldn’t fail. The plan would be to go through the 5G process to get a criteria developer but no work would be done or monies spent until after they got their funding from the School Building Authority. Ms. Collins stated that they will need a criteria developer with education in schools needs. Mr. Raines stated that the School Building Authority requires a recognized facilities planner.

Mr. Smith questioned why they need to go through the design-build method of construction. Mr. Raines advised that their time line is critical for getting children in new school and they won’t have delays and can control costs. Mr. Raines further advised that the School Building Authority believes they have an opportunity to lock in their costs and get schools build sooner. He believes this will reduce the number of change orders.

Mr. Goetz questioned how they determined the size of the school, as it looks like they will reach maximum capacity in six years. Mr. Collins advised that the School Building Authority will only fund for the current number of students. Mr. Raines stated that they used the School Building Authority’s standard criteria to come up with the funding. They allow for 15% growth and it is built into their formula.

Chairman Monteleone advised that if the Board approves this they must adhere to their time line. He questioned how comfortable they are will the time line submitted. Mr. Raines is certain the time line is adequate if they get their funding in March or April.

Mr. Smith questioned whether they could assure this Board that the School Building Authority will fund at the level requested. Mr. Raines stated he could not speak for the Board but he is confident they will get what is requested.

Mr. Clay questioned if they will follow the time line as the one attached to application. Mr. Raines advised that they have to meet the deadlines or pay penalties and he feels the time line is adequate.


Mr. Smith moved to approve the Harrison County Schools project as design-build contingent upon them receiving the funding from the School Building Authority no later than April, 2013. Motion seconded by Mr. Clay and motion passed.

Presentation by West Virginia University

Bill Linn and John Thompson, Project Managers at WVU, gave a presentation on their application to build a new baseball stadium. They indicated that since WVU is now in the Big 12 their facility is no longer adequate.

Mr. Linn stated that they have come up with a site near University Town Center. They have a partnership with a miner league team in Pittsburgh. The WVU Board of Directors have not approved the project yet but have approved the funding. They feel design-build will work well for this project as they will get all the experts working together and if problems arise they will get done sooner.

Mr. Linn advised that the reason their time line is so important in 2013 our baseball team will be playing its conference home games in Charleston. This has an economic impact on WVU. They need to have the new stadium completed and playing at their own field by 2014. They believe that using the design-build method of construction they will save 140 working days. Their schedule was provided. It reveals a completion date at the end of May instead of mid December which would make them miss an entire season.

Chairman Monteleone questioned where the funding was coming from. Mr. Linn stated it will come from working bonds and excise tax. Mr. Clay questioned how much the stadium will cost. Mr. Linn advised it will be $16.25 million. Mr. Clay questioned whether the Board of Governors are prepared to commit to the$16.25 and when. Mr. Linn stated that they are meeting next month and they will be considered and decided then.

Chairman Monteleone questioned whether they own the land. Mr. Linn stated they do not yet but they are working on the purchase currently. The property is not included in the $16.25 million. Mr. Smith discussed how TIFF funding works. Mr. Linn advised that TIFF funding is a very small portion of the funding. They will have adequate funding. He indicated that other parts of new development will general funds and they will also get more sales taxes from new developments.

Mr. Goetz reviewed the site plan and questioned what new arena would be used for. Mr. Linn stated it would be used for indoor sports such as volleyball. The arena is not part of this project.

Mr. Smith advised that one of the duties of the Board is to assure you have a reasonable funding plan. It gets antsy when you depend on politics of what approved and what isn’t approved. Mr. Linn advised that WVU could fund the project in whole if various other sources of funding fall through.

Chairman Monteleone questioned if the Board of Governor’s approve next month whether they would start then? He questioned when they would know they have a project. This Board need assurance that their time line is adequate. Mr. Linn advised that WVU does not bid a project that they are not prepared to execute on. Chairman Monteleone asked if they would have a contract award date of April. Mr. Linn indicated that WVU is soliciting for a criteria developer but can’t award until approved by the Board of Governors. However, WVU is committed to paying the fees of a criteria developer. Mr. Linn advised that they do have a funding plan for the baseball stadium but WVU will not front the money.

Chairman Monteleone expressed concern that if this Board approves the application do they tie it to what asked for because you many not make the April award date. Mr. Linn stated that WVU has to hit these time lines in order to be ready for the season next year. Mr. Clay questioned when this board will know the funding is approved? Mr. Linn indicated that sometimes the Board of Governor’s will approve contingent upon the funding. Mr. Smith indicated that they do not care where the funding comes from. They just need to know that it is in place. Mr. Clay advised that we need the Board of Governor’s approval. Mr. Clay moved for approval of the project contingent upon the WVU Board of Governors approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Smith. All voted in favor and the motion passed.


Old Business:


There was no old business to come before the board.


Other Business:


There being no other business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned.