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August 14, 2014



Members Present: Marc Monteleone
                                Rod Clay 
                                Woody Thrasher
                                Richard Forren
                                Roy Smith


Department of
      Donna Lipscomb Spano, designee for Jason Pizatella

Others Present:     Mike Albert, Public Service Commission
                                Richard Hitt, Public Service Commission
                                Cheryl Ranson, Public Service Commission
                                Lou Krupnick, Swanke Hayden Connell

Members Absent: John Goetz Roy Smith
                                Ron Spradling 
                                Mary Jo Klempa



The meeting was called to order and a silent roll call was taken and it was determined that a quorum was present. 

Approval of Minutes:

Mr. Smith moved for approval of the January 16, 2014, meeting minutes. Motion seconded by Mr. Clay. All voted in favor and the minutes were approved.

New Business:

Presentation by Public Service Commission

Mike Albert, Chairman of the Public Service Commission, introduced his staff and the architect working on the project. Mr. Albert advised that they wish to modify their design-build schedule for the repairs to their building. He indicated that the condition of the building continues to be a threat to public safety. They need to utilize the design-build method of construction as the project needs expedited and that is the fastest way.

Lou Krupnick, architect, gave a presentation. He stated that he wanted to explain what the delays were. Once they got into the building they found inconsistencies and many unforseen problems. Chairman Monteleone stated that back when the original approval was given they knew there were problems. The board is aware the delays were due to problems encountered and requested Mr. Krupnick to explain those problems.

Mr. Krupnick stated that the building is interesting and unique and they found inconsistencies as to how the building was built. Every time they found one thing, six other problems were found. He explained that the building envelope has an inner skin and an outer skin. The outer skin is brick and the inner skin has metal studs and in some places there was no inter skin. When you get to the columns, there was nothing to keep moisture out and there were dimensional differences. He indicated that you would expect to find a cavity on the inside of brick but with this building there was nothing to two inches. He took considerable time to find a solution to present to a contractor.

Mr. Krupnick advised that this is not a one case fits all, but they wanted to find a way to assist the contractors. The patterns you would associate with the building was not there.

Mr. Thrasher questioned how they were going to handle the cost changes. He stated that there are several criteria you must meet to do a design-build project. Mr. Krupnick advised that there would be no increase in cost for the extra work. Mr. Forren questioned whether Mr. Krupnick was hired as a criteria developer or to design the building? Mr. Krupnick stated that he did initial analysis with Carol Stevens but then competed with her to become the criteria developer. Mr. Forren stated that it looked like the project just needed to go out to bid for a contractor. The job could be bid without any pre-award design. Mr. Forren question whether the design documents are to a point now that they can be presented to design-build teams? Mr. Krupnick advised that they do have pre-award design.

Mr. Thrasher questioned whether the three design-build criteria could be met? He stated that the designs have gone too far and can’t be done as design-build. Mr. Hitt stated that they had to do more extensive designs due to the issues with the building. He also stated that they can’t just bid due to a purchasing contract issue. Mr. Thrasher advised that they can’t utilize the designs, they would have to turn them into specifications. Mr. Hitt indicated that they are too far down the road to just bid.

Chairman Monteleone stated that when you compare their old schedule with the new one, the old one had a six month construction period and now a year for the same construction. Mr. Krupnick explained that there are approvals that they are unaware of and without knowing a start date they can’t determine a stop date.

Mr. Thrasher stated that if they adhere to a schedule it makes a difference. You need to move the schedule along. Mr. Smith moved to allow the Public Service Commission to move forward with the project. Mr. Thrasher seconded the motion. All voted in favor and the motion passed. Ms. Lipscomb reminded Mr. Krupnick that he needed to provide monthly reports on the status of the project. The form is on the website.


Other Business:


The board discussed the project that was approved for WVNET. Mr. Forren stated that they put the project out to a developer. Chairman Monteleone stated that they needed to know whether they intended to continue as a design-bid project. Mr. Forren indicated he would check on the project to confirm it was turned over to a developer.

There being no other business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned.